Plan #1

FREE “QUICK SEND” form on your Cell or Tablet

  • Application will allow your business to comunicate with us, inmediatly
  • All you have to do is to enter the Client information, check the cost and place the order
  •  No Calls  – No wasting waiters  time.
  • Credit Card Service NOT included
  • Shopping Cart on Website NOT included
  • Driver will be on the way!

Plan #2     

Cart $39.00 per month
  •  Online “Do it Yourself” You have control of Menu and food prices, and Delivery system.
  • Full Dashboard
  • Shopping Cart on Menu Included
  • Website will be provided (Domain name Needed.)
  • Or use your own website

 -Website with Ordering Widget
– Facebook Ordering App
– Mobile Ordering
-Real-time Ordering
-Table Reservations Widget
-Order Ahead for Reservations
-Pictures in Menu
-Order for Later
-Detailed Reports
-Run a Promo or Coupon Deal

Plan #3

20% Commision Fee     

Shopping Cart on Menu Included

  • Website will be provided (Domain Included.). 
  • Or use your own Website
  • Money Deposited on Merchant Account Daily.
  • Fees Charge Weekly.

  • Branded App for your Restaurant with QR Code
  • Sales Optimized Website
  • Website Ordering
  • Dashboard to edit or track: Promotions, Sales, Customer Data, Menu, etc
  • Restaurant Owns Customer Database
  • Money Daily to your Bank
  • Tablet for receiving orders
  • Printer for  your orders (Purchase Separatly)
  • Social Media Marketing Available
  • 1000 One Sided Flyers a month to promote your brand new Online Ordering System
  • Direct Delivery Drivers – Automatic – No Calls